Lubricating and garage technology

Lubricating and garage technology HENNLICH CEMA-TECH, it is:

  • High quality and reliability
  • Technical advising
  • Favourable prices, marked quantity discount 
  • Flexibility, thousands of items on stock  
  • By some selected subgroups the widest product lien in CZ and SK (lubricating nipple, automatic grease nipple...)
  • Background of a strong prosperous company with an influence in whole Central Europe

We gladly offer you also all components from the catalogue SKF MaPro from section "Machines for lubrication" and "Lubricants" and from the catalogue ABNOX.

Grease nipples

Hydraulic grease nipples: H, Button head nipples: M4, M1, M22, T1 and T1/B, Flush nipples: D, Ball nipples: K, Bayonet nipples (pin type): B1, Protection caps, Sets of grease nipples.

Grease guns and devices

Whole product line of grease guns, devices and their accessories. Hundreds of items on stock.

Automatic lubricators

Dropping lubricators for oil and other liquids, automatic spring lubricators SBS and SBK, chemical PERMA and SIMALUBE.

Oil windows / sight glasses

Wide range of oil windows and sight glasses of different sizes and materials.

Air relief filters

Air relief filters type 2033 and 1451.

Technology for manipulation with lubricant and fuel

Graduated bottles, cans, funnels, hand, electric and pneumatic pumps and sets for pumping of the lubricants and fuel, hose reels, grease guns, accessories etc.

Technology for manipulation with waste oil

Collecting and suction units, suction systems for waste oil, suction pumps.

Components of lubricant distribution

Plastic, steel and copper tubes, hose KF300, socket screw-coupling with waling or with notch ring, different types of tube clips, protective material.

Lubrication brushes

Lubricating brushes circular, rectangular and rotating in different materials of the body and bristles. Holders for lubricating brushes.