Central lubrication

Central lubrication systems provide the regular automatic lubrication of lubricated places of particular machines, lines and also the huge technological machinery. Machines with lubricated places directly connected to central lubrication system have longer working life than manually lubricated machines. For detailed information please contact us.

The group “central lubrication” contains also the related tasks as lubricant spreading on the surfaces, lubricant dosing, or filling by the lubricant. 

Our company is authorized distributor of lubrication systems SKF

Since 1998 we represent the company LINCOLN in our area. LINCOLN is the world biggest producer and distributor of central lubrication systems and components.
Since 2011, when company LINCOLN became the part of the concern SKF, is our product range wider thanks to offered systems and components of other brands which belong to the concern SKF (brands as VOGEL, MECA FLUID, SAFEMATIC etc.).

We offer to our customers the complex solution:

  • Technical consulting, system projecting by customers requests
  • Bespoke systems
  • Components delivery
  • Assembly, eventually chief assembly
  • Starting up the operation and training of the operators
  • Guarantee and after-guarantee service
  • Spare parts delivery