Application of lubricant onto surfaces


These systems are designed to spread the liquid lubricant in a thin film over the surfaces:

  • On the surface of the flat  intermediate product (steel bands, ball and other cuts), before next technological procedures (drawing,…), eventually because of the preservation
  • On the inner and outer surfaces of the parts before their assembly

All systems work on the same principle – the carrier medium is the air. The supply units transport the lubricant in the set volume and set intervals into the mixing chambers, where the air flow is mixed with the oil drops. Very important components of all systems are the application nozzles, which create the appropriate spray shape according to their type.

System ORSCO is offered with supply units in 3 specified dimensions 0,015 - 0,030 - 0,060 ml, optional in 50 grades from 100 to 10 % of nominal value, nozzles of different shapes of the spray shape with double characteristics of operation– pulse and continuous applications. The pulse generating for action of the dosing device is operated from the local or superior control system.

System  MICROSPRAY similar as ORSCO is offered with supply units with optional dose volume in the range of  2-50 ml/stroke. A part of the system is a pneumatic pulse generator. The system does not require any electro-control, it only starts its operation by simple opening of the air valve. The system can be applied only for continuous processes. 

System with dosing devices CENTROMATIC is designed for less demanding applications with no strict requirement on the equal surface covering of the oiled object, eventually on the certain unspraying of the oil drops from the surface.